Monthly Archives: October 2009

Elephant Run 3

Another great email and beautiful art from a talented young artist… Thanks Samuel! Dear Mr. Smith, Thank you for all the great books you have written. I wanted to share a painting my 12 year old son, Samuel did for a book report on Elephant Run this past month. As […]

Paris, Arkansas 1

I’m at Paris Middle School today speaking to 3rd thru 12th grade students with the very cool librarian Anne Canada. It feels like an international visit with all these names. Yesterday, on the way here, I drove by London, Arkansas. I wonder what the story is behind the big city […]

Greenbrier Middle School 1

My last day in Greenbrier, AR and I’m at the Middle School with librarian Erin Shaw speaking to 6th and 7th grade. It was nice here yesterday, but it’s pouring this morning, bringing to mind Portland weather of which I’m being unfairly accused of bringing with me from the Pacific […]

Greenbrier Jr. High & Eastside Elementary

This morning I was with librarian Kelly Tapley speaking to 8th and 9th grade students at the Jr. High. They had great questions and very good manners. This afternoon I spoke at Eastside Elementary to an enthusiastic group of well read 4th and 5th graders. Their wonderful librarian Sara Havens […]

Gotta Love Flying

Left Portland early this morning. Got to Minneapolis only to discover that my flight to NW Arkansas Regional Airport was canceled. Me: Why? Them: Weather. I look out the window. Me: What weather? Them: It’s probably bad in Arkansas. I call my daughter (in Arkansas). Me: How’s the weather? Daughter: […]

Cryptid Hunters vs. Tentacles 117

I’ve gotten a a lot of emails the past week from readers who are a little confused about TENTACLES… Just to clarify TENTACLES is the sequel to CRYPTID HUNTERS. Can you read the novels out of order? Yes, but it would be better to read them in order. TENTACLES begins […]

Peak Email 51

For those who have read my novel “Peak” this is a very interesting email. Stranger than fiction… Thanks for letting me share this, Jenny. And good luck on your trek. Dear Roland, I’ve never written to an author before but I wanted to tell you how your novel “Peak” came […]