Hello Marie & Roland,

Thank you so much for everything yesterday! It was a great day, and the 6th graders are still talking about it. I wanted to take a minute to send you links to some of the book trailers the kids made.

And I feel terrible that I forgot to show this adorable one. Be sure to take a look. 🙂

I hope your other school visits go as smoothly as ours, and that you enjoy the rest of your trip.

Mindy Tomasevich, NBCT

Teacher Librarian, Mills Park Middle School

fans of Roland Smith

I love getting letters from my readers. If you’d like to send me a note and let me know what you think of my website please send an email to roland@rolandsmith.com.Here are a few letters I received that I thought were really great.

Giraffe fan pictureDear Roland Smith,

Thank you for coming to our school! It was a lot of fun.

I liked learning about Kenya and how you wrote your books because I like animals and I want to learn how to write stories. It was also fun to learn about your childhood.

I just finished “Amy’s Missing” and I thought it was really good! I especially liked Amy when she kept thinking helicopters were dragons.

Remember, writing is revision!!!

Diane Bolme

Mr. Roland Smith,

As you may recall you recently came to Chapman School in Sheridan, Oregon on April 28, and talked about your books. You may or may not remember me, my name is Eric, I help set up the assembly, and I purchased your newest release SASQUATCH. When I first started to read it I couldn’t wait to pick it up again, unfortunately I had to go to class and pay attention. So when I got home I pick your book up, sat on the couch, and started where I had left off earlier. I couldn’t put it down, I tried to read it in as much detail as I could, I must have sat there for 3 or 4 hours. I finished it right there. It is a fabulous book and you are a great author. I liked the way you put in little details throughout the book that didn’t mean much at that point, but it eventually adds up. That is great. I laughed at the parts that talked about Clyde being abducted by aliens and marrying the princess. I have read a few good books in my life and this book fits right in with them. Well anyway, congrats on the great book and I hope you keep disin’ them out, because I’ll keep reading them, and I can’t wait until that Mexican Wolf book comes out so I can read it.

A New Fan,
Eric Boekhoff

fan picture, elephant and lionDear Roland Smith,

Thank you very much for coming to Terrace Park School. I really enjoyed your presentation because of the information you gave about animals and writing in general.

I am now reading your book “Thunder Cave”. I get up every morning and brush my teeth and then I crawl back into bed and begin reading “Thunder Cave”, even though I am supposed to be getting dressed. I shall definitely be reading more of your books!

I am looking forward to your next book, and remember, the secret to writing is REVISION!

Britta Marie Redwood

fan picture, boat fan picture, jaguar

Dear Mr. Roland Smith,

My name is Bridget Helgerson. I am 10 years old. I am writing this letter to compliment all of your books! I read all your fiction books, SASQUATCH, AMY’S MISSING, JAGUAR, and THUNDER CAVE. They are the best books I have read in my whole life! My favorite is SASQUATCH, I just finished reading it. Anyway I will not have another really good book to read ever again! So I was wondering if you could write another book. I would be very happy! I love your books!

Write back please. Thanks.

Bridget Helgerson
age 10, 4th grade