Picture Books

S is for SmithsonianS is For Smithsonian Cover

American’s Museum Alphabet, illustrated by Gijsbert van Frankenhuyzen. It’s a beautiful book that took a tremendous amount research and a long time to write. The book comes out on April 1st but you can order it here:

Z is for ZookeeperZ is for Zookeeper, by marie smith

Since monkeys and elephants and crocodiles don’t make good tour guides who better to walk us through the inner workings of a zoo than the zookeeper? Roland Smith, award winning writer and 20-year zookeeper, introduces young readers to little known facts – sometimes in the middle of the night zookeepers do go back to check the locks, giraffes don’t know how to duck making it difficult to drive under a bridge when the zookeepers transport them from one location to another, and exactly how much time do zookeepers spend with the pooper-scooper? “Z is for Zookeeper” gives children a front row seat at the zoo – one of the ultimate childhood places.

“Z is for Zookeeper” will keep kids turning the pages as often as they request, “Can we go to the zoo?”. Order now at:

B is for BeaverB is for Beaver, by Marie Smith

Join authors Roland and Marie Smith and illustrator Michael Roydon as they take you on a journey across the Oregon Trail and through the picturesque Beaver state. In B is for Beaver, the Smith’s rhyming verse and sidebar expository text illuminate the wonders of Hell’s Canyon, the lush lands of the Willamette Valley, and the surging seas of the neighboring Pacific Ocean. An effective educational tool inside the classroom and out, readers of all ages in the state of Oregon and beyond can embark on this journey any time they wish. Order now at:

E is for Evergreen by Marie SmithE is for Evergreen

Readers young and old will be delighted to discover the wonders of Washington State, from its natural beauty (Mount Rainier and evergreen forests), to its famous residents (Jimi Hendrix and Big Foot) and familiar skyline (Seattle’s Space Needle). Intriguing facts coupled with beautiful, original artwork make “E is for Evergreen” an exciting journey.

Order now at:

W is for WavesW is for Waves, by Marie Smith

An ocean alphabet.

Order Roland and Marie’s Waves book at:

N is for our Nation’s CapitalN is for Nation's Capital, by Marie Smith

Museums and monuments define the Washington DC landscape, but the stories behind the majestic capital merely begin here. Looking beyond the monuments, from Abigail Adams to the National Zoo, to all the cherry blossoms, flags, houses, and presidents in between, “N is for Our Nation’s Capital” is like a guided tour along the most interesting routes in our capital. Did you know the cherry trees that are an integral part of DC’s scenery were gifts from Japan? Or that Mrs. Taft planted the first two?

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