Storm Runners



I,Q Independence Hall, student questions by Sandy O’Keefe (PDF, .docx)

I,Q The White House, student questions by Sandy O’Keefe (PDF, .docx)

I,Q Kitty Hawk, student questions by Sandy O’Keefe (PDF.docx)

Elephant Run

Appendix (PDF)
Teacher Pack (PDFWord)
Student Pack (PDFWord)
National English Language Arts Standard (PDFWord)
Historical Vocabulary (PDFWord)
Point Value (PDFWord)
Socratic Discussion Method (PDFWord)
Socratic Discussion Rubric (PDFWord)
Time Line (PDFWord)
Vocabulary Synonyms (PDFWord)
Vocabulary (PDFWord)
Are You Smarter Than An Elephant? (PDF)
Jungle Jeopardy (Part 12)
Board Game (Instructionslocation cardslocation cards 2card backstiger cardspace cardcard 79card 45British character, Burmese CharacterJapanese Character)


Teacher Pack (Word)
Student Pack (Word)
Appendix A (Word), Appendix B (Word)

Cryptid Hunters

Student Pack (PDFWord)
Teacher Notes (PDFWord)
Vocabulary and synonyms (PDFWord)

Z is for Zookeeper


B is for Beaver



Cover Page (PDF, Word)
Student Pack (PDF, Word)
Teacher Appendix (PDF)
Jeopardy Cards (PDF)

Multiple Intelligence

Overview (PDF)
Intelligence Survey (PDF)
Questions Breakdown (PDF)
Instructor Notes (PDF)
Profile Model (PDF)
Task Choices (PDF)


Student Pack (PDF)
Colleague Letter (PDF)
Appendix (PDF)
Book mark (PDF)
Cover page (PDF)

The Captain’s Dog

Exploration Unit (PDF)

Thunder Cave

Curriculum (PDF)

Zach’s Lie

Teacher Notes (PDF)
Student Pak #1 (PDF)
Student Pak #2 (PDF)
Student Pak #3 (PDF)
Aniticipatory Guide (PDF)
Socratic Discussion (PDF)
Mrs. Sprague Truth and Lie Example (PDF)
Zach’s Biography student sample (PDF)
Unit Rubrics (PDF)