Gotta Love Flying

Left Portland early this morning. Got to Minneapolis only to discover that my flight to NW Arkansas Regional Airport was canceled.

Me: Why?

Them: Weather.

I look out the window.

Me: What weather?

Them: It’s probably bad in Arkansas.

I call my daughter (in Arkansas).

Me: How’s the weather?

Daughter: Fine.

I hang up.

Me: What are my options?

Them: We have you on the 10:05 flight tomorrow morning.

Me: I need to be in Greenbrier, AR tonight to speak at 8:00AM tomorrow. What are my options?

Them: 10:05 tomorrow morning.

Me: That means I won’t be there until after 3:00PM. School will be out.

Them: What?

Me: Never mind. Do you have a hotel for me?

Them: No, it’s weather. We don’t provide hotels if it’s the weather.

Me: What weather?

I go into the Delta Club with a little bit of an attitude building. Brenda understands without me having to say a word.

Brenda: We can get you to Memphis tonight at 9:26PM.

Me: What’s the problem here?

Brenda: There is only one runway because of construction.

Me: So it’s not weather, which means you owe me a hotel tonight if I get stuck here.

Brenda: That’s correct. Do you want to flight to Memphis?

Me: I’ll have to see about a one-way car rental from Memphis to Bentonville.

I call Marie. She gets a one way rental. Before we confirm I call NASA and ask them how much the space shuttle would cost to rent. It’s less than the car, but it’s not available until Tuesday. We rent the car.

Gotta love flying.

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