I,Q Independence Hall Wins an Oregon Book Award

I was about ready to drift off to sleep here in Arkansas last night when I received a text from Marie with the thrilling news that I,Q won an Oregon Book Award. The OBA is kind of like Oregon’s version of the Academy Awards. I wish I could have been there, but then Marie would not have been able to accept on my behalf. And from what I hear it brought down the house. Here it is…

Roland has been a finalist 7 times for the Oregon Book award and once a winner. I received a letter from Literary Arts giving information all about tonight. Part of it said:

“If you are not selected as the winner in your category, I hope that you will celebrate the fact that you are a finalist– Judges try to be impartial, but in the end are human beings, as such the selection is a bit arbitrary.”

Since Roland is traveling and I am here in his place—

Before tonight Roland asked me: Do you want me to write an acceptance speech for you to read?

Me: No.

Roland: Are you sure?

Me: Yes, I am sure. Didn’t you see the list of authors on that list. Great authors, great books but one trumps all I had been waiting for years for an update on Jolly and LaVaughn.

Let me tell you about my husband–Roland is a constant writer. He writes everyday even on Christmas.

Every once and awhile I go to his office…

Me: Do you want to go to a movie?

Roland: No.

Me: Do you want to go out to dinner?

Roland: No

Me: Do you want to visit our grandchildren?

Roland: That’s not fair.

Me: How about sex?

Roland: Sure.

After I am convinced that the only thing Roland is doing in that office is playing video games or sleeping, he comes out, throws a 400 page manuscript on my lap. I immediately forget all the movies, dinners and anything else I feel I missed out on and fall in love all over again. He is brilliant, talented, the best writer ever and today I am grateful that one judge, a human being, on one day agreed with me and arbitrarily chose my husband for this award. Thanks so much for celebrating with me.

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