Morrilton Intermediate School & Oregon Book Award 1

I’m at Morrilton Intermediate school today with librarian Regina Erwin.

I had breakfast with a group of students. After breakfast a few of them did book talks about my books.

As always there was a lot of photo taking.

I love the phrasing down here…

Instead of: “Can I get a photo with you?”

It’s: “I need to git my picture made with you.”

Sweet kids. Great time.

On a totally different subject here’s an article from the Oregonian about the Oregon Book Award from Jeff Baker. At some point I will give you my personal take on book awards in this journal.

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One thought on “Morrilton Intermediate School & Oregon Book Award

  • Diane from Morrilton Int. Sch.

    Your visit today affected two of my students in ways that they will always remember. John, the redhead who you met several times during the day, is (if there is) the perfect student, whose reading interest is strictly an intrinsic one fostered by, but not initiated by, the school system. He might, however, never have been intrigued by your books if you had not come for a visit. He was speechless (OK, not really speechless) with excitement. Keith, the Greenbean poet, is just the opposite as far as ability goes. He is an avid reader, but cannot at this point read your books independently. Your words to him in passing in the hallway and the posting of his work on your site may very well give him the push he needs to go further.
    Thank you so much.