Greenbrier Middle School 1

My last day in Greenbrier, AR and I’m at the Middle School with librarian Erin Shaw speaking to 6th and 7th grade.

It was nice here yesterday, but it’s pouring this morning, bringing to mind Portland weather of which I’m being unfairly accused of bringing with me from the Pacific Northwest.

After the school visit I drove to Paris…something I can’t say I’ve ever done before. The last time I was in Paris I flew and took a train.

Paris has changed. It smaller than I remember, the landmarks are missing, and they speak English…although with the accent it is hard to understand.

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One thought on “Greenbrier Middle School

  • Emily Nicole

    Thank you soooo much again for coming to our school and talking with us!!!! Mrs. Shaw and I are both big fans of your books!!! I can’t wait till my friend gets done with reading Tentacles so I can read it!!!! Keep on writing your awesome books!!!