On The Road Again

On The Road Again

Mt. Airy Middle School. Maryland.

I was at Mt. Airy Middle School today with my old friend, librarian Pam Lichty. I think this is my third visit to her school. I spoke to 6th, 7th, and 8th graders using Keynote on my iPad, which worked absolutely perfectly. Another fun school visit! Thanks Pam! After school […]

North Hampton School. New Hampshire 3

I was at North Hampton today with librarian Linda D. Sherouse speaking to a group of absolutely wonderful K thru 8 students after a restful night at “Lamie’s Inn” and a great meal in their attatched restaurant. (If you ever find yourself in this part of New England stop by […]

Gilbert H. Hood Middle School, New Hampshire 4

Today I was with library assistant Tina Mentus at Gilbert H. Hood Middle School speaking to 6th thru 8th grade students. They were a very friendly group of students…counting the days until summer. After school Tina drove me to Bow, NH, which is close to where I’ll be speaking tomorrow… […]

Scoggins & Roach Middle Schools. Frisco, Texas 5

Winding down here in Frisco, Texas. This morning I was at Scoggins Middle School with librarian Tammy Brightwell and Karen Adolff who nearly won the ‘find Roland an iPad’ contest. The librarians in Frisco know what this means. This afternoon I was at Roach Middle School with librarian Melanie Rumsey […]