Arkansas. Have a great school year! 2

photoMarie and I are down here in sultry Arkansas visiting our daughter and her boys for a couple of days.  I’m writing on her new 21.5 inch iMac and I have to say that it an absolute joy to work on.  So much so, that I’m going to get one for the office up at the farm.   In between hanging out with the family I’m working on the second installment of Storm Runners.  I hope to have a draft finished in the next couple of weeks.

It is very hot down here in AR.  Went out for a jog this morning (well, actually a wog, which is a combination of walking and jogging).  At 6AM it was 80 degrees outside with 80 percent relative humidity.  For a guy from Oregon where there isn’t really any humidity except in the form of rain this is HOT. Needless to say, there was not a lot of jog in my  wog this morning.

As I proceeded on my sweaty way the yellow school buses were picking up loads of students, reminding me that school has started in a lot of places across the country.  So… HAVE A GREAT SCHOOL YEAR!  And don’t forget to READ A BUNCH of BOOKS!

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2 thoughts on “Arkansas. Have a great school year!

  • John Jones

    As for the “READ A BUNCH OF BOOKS”, I do that every day. I love reading. I like how it can take you to the Congo, Antarctica, Europe, Tibet, Malaysia, and a hundred other different places without even leaving your bedroom. To me, reading is like life, and it always will be.

    -John Jones