Gilbert H. Hood Middle School, New Hampshire 4

Today I was with library assistant Tina Mentus at Gilbert H. Hood Middle School speaking to 6th thru 8th grade students.

They were a very friendly group of students…counting the days until summer.

After school Tina drove me to Bow, NH, which is close to where I’ll be speaking tomorrow…

New Hampshire hotel hopping, wherein I stay in a different lacation every night through Friday.

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4 thoughts on “Gilbert H. Hood Middle School, New Hampshire

  • Peyton

    Your presentation was amazing! I was one of those 5 students that came up to you in the beginning of the day :] (one with the bright green sweater) Thank you for coming to our school!

  • Gracie

    Thank you for visiting us. It was an honor to meet you I was so happy that I got your autograph and you told me that I should read “tentacles” because the characters name is “Grace” and I will.