Rundlett Middle School. Concord, New Hampshire 2

Today I was with librarian Nancy Keane at Rundlett Middle School speaking to several groups of very sharp 7th graders.

And I and I forgot to get a photo of the school! Sorry. I don’t known what I was thinking.

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2 thoughts on “Rundlett Middle School. Concord, New Hampshire

  • Heather Stiles

    thank you, thank you…i am in seventh grade at rundlett, so that makes me a sharp student. 🙂 mr smith you had a typo in your post, whatever though. i can get you a pic of our school no problemo or you can go online to something i like to call google images.


  • roland Post author

    You are welcome and I take full responsibility for my typos. I usually post as I’m walking through airports catching airplanes. I’m surprised my thumbs don’t make more typos. 🙂