Monthly Archives: October 2009

Greenhill & Herbert Marcus Schools

I’m in Addison, Texas (near Dallas) today with Nancy Breitfeller from the Greenhill Cultural Arts Committee. Nancy arrived at the hotel to pick me up this morning, then bought me a latte…gotta love that. Greenhill is a private school. Their sister school, Herbert Marcus, is a public school. I love […]

3 Texas Schools 3

One day, three schools… Chisholm Trail, Canyon Vista and Cedar Park Middle School with librarian’s Cecilia Fuentes, Laura Stiles, and Kassie Cooper. Great time with great librarians! After the last school Megan Cooper (no relation to Kassie–except she’s her boss) zipped me to the airport for a short hop up […]

Ridgeview MIddle School 2

I’m at Ridgeview Middle School in Round Rock, Texas with librarian Linda Kay. They’re doing a “Read it Forward” (RIF) event with my novel “I,Q Book One: Independence Hall.” (In fact they got the ball rolling on this program. I’ve done several RIF programs in Texas with I,Q, which is […]

Nice Email From Mark Tanner 1

Mr. Roland Smith, Just this week, my 11 year old son brought home Cryptid Hunters. He got it from his school and was reading it. He told me it was very good. Although reading it not my “thing” (nor is writing) but I picked it up and started reading it. […]

Guess Who Came To Dinner 1

This morning I’m on my way to back to Austin, Texas, but last night our old friends Dororthy and Greg Patent stopped by on their way south for dinner and a couple of nights on the farm. Dorothy has written over 130 books. (Go to her link on my home […]

Coleman Accelerated Elementary School

I had dinner last night at Glenda, Tom, and Levon’s along with our old motorcycle friends Marie and Chuck. It was great to see them. I’m at Coleman Elementary in St. Joe, MO today with my sister, 4th grade teacher Brenda Smith and librarian extraordinaire Suzanne Thomas. They could not […]

Mill Creek Upper Elementary 4

That little elephant’s luck held long enough to get me to Atlanta, but then he went out into forest to eat and took his luck with him. Without going into the all too common flying glitches, I got to the hotel in Belton, MO at 2AM with the help of […]

Lancaster, SC 19

I’m at Buford Middle School today with Media Specialist Lisa Hallman. We had a great time. Art Teacher Scott Kendrick was instrumental in getting me to the school. Scott’s students wrote and illustrated cool alphabet books with photographs, which they are going to give to a daycare down the street. […]

Kershaw, SC 2

Halfway through a 10 week tour… I’m at Andrew Jackson Middle School today with Media Specialist Connie Horton in Kershaw SC near Lancaster. Last night her principal Butch Dutton picked me up in Charlotte NC and drove me south to an Inn in Lancaster. (Inn in? I’ve always wondered what […]

Out of the blue… 3

Speaking of awards. From time to time I also get emails like the one below from Mark Tanner, who I have never met, out of the blue… I was sitting at the airport last night in Salt Lake City feeling a little tired after our drive up to from Elko. […]