Lancaster, SC 19

I’m at Buford Middle School today with Media Specialist Lisa Hallman. We had a great time.

Art Teacher Scott Kendrick was instrumental in getting me to the school. Scott’s students wrote and illustrated cool alphabet books with photographs, which they are going to give to a daycare down the street. Scott made me a cool elephant, which I’m going to put on my desk for good luck.

Last night I had a surprise visit from my good friend (and author) Jerry Pallotta. He was speaking today at a school not far from here and swung by the hotel with Joan Stevens for a late Mexican dinner. It was great to see him and Joan again. You can find out more about Jerry on my favorite links page, but the page doesn’t tell half the story. Jerry and I have been friends for many years and have a long history together.

After school I had a whole gang drive me to the airport. I’m headed to Missouri, but the the flight to Atlanta is delayed due to weather, but I think Scott’s elephant is going to bring me luck and I’ll get out of here to catch my connection.

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19 thoughts on “Lancaster, SC

  • Heather O'Neil

    Thank you so much for coming to Buford Middle. It was such a treat. You are all the talk today. Students are wanting to know when the next book club will be. It’s music to my ears.

    Again, thank you.

    Heather O’Neil
    Yearbook Advisor & Avid Reader

  • Hannah Boykin

    Dear Mrs. Smith,
    My name is Hannah.
    Thank you for coming to our school yesterday, i really enjoyed your visit.

  • Matthew g.

    hi this is matthew g. thank you for coming to Buford Middle School. I liked your book Zacks lie.And once agian thanks

  • Jonathan h

    This is jonathan you visted our BMS yesterday i read your book jack lie it was really good and thank you for coming to our school

  • Dana

    Hey Mr. Smith I read your novel “Jack’s Run” and i really enjoied it! I am a student from Buford Middle School. Thanks for coming. I hope to see u soon!!!

  • Eren .C.

    Hey Royland i’m one of the students at the school you visited the other day. I really liked the book Zach’s Lie, we read it in our class room, and finished right before the day you came, also I’d liked to thank you for coming to our school, I’m thinking about reading more of your books, because your books are very interesting.

  • Courtney

    Mr. Smith,

    I am Courtney I am from BMS. And thank you so much for coming. I think a bounch of people liked it. I am going to try to get one of your books. It is the one about the kid goes to the moutains.


  • Dylan Taylor

    Thank you for coming to talk to use at BMS and i liked the book Zach’s lie was a good book i can’t want to read the seconed one

  • Savannah W.

    Thank you so much for coming to our school the other day. We all really enjoyed it. You were really funny and so was your story about Billy(the second grader). It was so funny. I love your book Zach’s Lie I really enjoyed it, very creative.

    Thanks so much!
    Savannah W.

  • Adrianna R.

    Hey Roland,
    I was siting on the front row on wednesday. You were the best author we have had at the school. The best book you wrote is Zack’s Lie thats was my favorite book. It was so asome!!!!!!!! Thats for comeing to the Buford Middle School.

    Adrianna R.

  • Courtney

    Mr. Smith,
    Thank you for coming and speaking to us yesterday. I really loved the speech that you gave, it was really interesting. You were the first person that came that was not giving an boring speech.

    From Buford Middle School

  • shaina

    Thanks for coming to our school and speaking to us it was a joy. even though i havent read none of your books and i dont like to read but from listening to you yesterday made me want to read some of your books.

    shaina blakeney

  • Matthew g.

    hi this is sarah u and i really enjoyed you comming to buford middle school. we just finnished reading Zacks lie and i loved it. Thanks

  • Taylor D.

    this is taylor from BMS!! thank you so much for coming to our school!! we ALL had so much fun and you will be “all the talk” for a while!! you were so funny and gave a fantastic speech! your books are awesome and again thanks! 🙂