Out of the blue… 3

Speaking of awards. From time to time I also get emails like the one below from Mark Tanner, who I have never met, out of the blue…

I was sitting at the airport last night in Salt Lake City feeling a little tired after our drive up to from Elko.

My iPhone pinged.

What now? I thought.

Answer: Email award!

I can’t tell you what these kinds of emails mean to me. They are miracle tonics. My weariness vanished.

I’m going to post these once in awhile in this journal because it would be a shame to keep them just to myself.

Mr. Roland Smith,

Just this week, my 11 year old son brought home Cryptid Hunter. He got it from his school and was reading it. He told me it was very good. Although reading it not my “thing” (nor is writing) but I picked it up and started reading it. For the past week, my son and I have been playing “steal the book from each other” so we could read it. I would wait until he went to sleep then I would sneak in and get it. I just want to let you know that even a 46 year old really enjoyed your book. I also just ordered Tentacles. I’m sure it will be great as well.

My 14 year old daughter started reading at about 2 weeks old (not really but very young). She’ll read a 500 page book in one evening. She wants to be a writer/author/editor or something along those lines. If you have any words of wisdom, advice or inspiration on how to be a writer, she would be very grateful.

I hope you plan to continue with this series.

Mark Tanner

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