3 Texas Schools 3

One day, three schools…

Chisholm Trail, Canyon Vista and Cedar Park Middle School with librarian’s Cecilia Fuentes, Laura Stiles, and Kassie Cooper.

Great time with great librarians!

After the last school Megan Cooper (no relation to Kassie–except she’s her boss) zipped me to the airport for a short hop up to Dallas to speak in Addison tomorrow. I’m in the trunk (below). Just kidding Megan. Thanks for the ride.

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3 thoughts on “3 Texas Schools

  • Megan

    So glad you could speed talk with us, have your pitcher made with Kassie, and have time for the scenic route to the airport…already word is out on your visit and a couple of other schools are talking about how they might be able to get you here. Happy to offer you a ride in the trunk any time.