Monthly Archives: November 2009

Bubbling Birthday Berry Pie 2

I’m happy to be 58 today.  I was also happy to be 57, 56, 55, 40, 22…etc. Sent out some sample chapters from a novel I’m working on this morning, which is always a good thing to do on your birthday. And Marie has made what looks to be a […]

Thank You

We’re up North at Niki and Derek’s with grandson’s #3 and #4. I certainly have a lot to be thankful for and I hope you do too… But I think Thanksgiving should be a daily ritual, not a yearly event. I don’t mean the turkey, and stuffing, and cranberry sauce. […]

The Farm 11/20, a pocketful of novels

Dreary day on the farm, but it’s bright in the house with Marie back home. The plan… Continue to hunker down in the office writing until Tuesday, then we’ll head north to Niki’s for Thanksgiving. If there are any editors lurking on this blog, fear not, I will continue to […]

Ketchup 2

I’ve caught up on my sleep, and now I’m playing catch up on the writing projects. I’m so far behind it’s hard to know where to begin. The important thing is to begin and see where it leads me. A path will emerge from the chaos–it always does. Low 30s […]

Done 2

Roughly 11 weeks, 35 schools, 40 flights, 100 presentations, 20,000 young people… A blur. Now it’s time for me to hideout and write. I want to thank everyone for their kindnesses and apologize to my editors and readers for the writing delay. Rest assured I will catch up in the […]

Dodge City 4

I’m in Dodge City today where the Gunsmoke crew, Matt Dillon, Chester, Kitty, and Doc hung out at the Long Branch Saloon in the living room of my youth. This is my last school visit until mid-January, which means tonight when I finish I get to say: “I’m gonna get […]

Chisholm Trail Middle School 2

I was at Chisholm Middle School today with librarian and author, Beverley Buller. She’s written a biography about William Allen White for Young Adults: “From Emporia: The story of William Allen White.” Her book is on this year’s William Allen White Book Award List. Her husband, Paul, picked me up […]

Santa Fe Middle School 4

I spoke at the Fox theater in downtown Newton, Kansas today to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. Librarian Carolin Moore was my host. Dan Suderman runs the old theater, which was a great venue to speak in. The students walked over from Santa Fe for the presentations and were a […]