Dodge City 4

I’m in Dodge City today where the Gunsmoke crew, Matt Dillon, Chester, Kitty, and Doc hung out at the Long Branch Saloon in the living room of my youth. This is my last school visit until mid-January, which means tonight when I finish I get to say: “I’m gonna get out of Dodge.”

My hotel is on Wyatt Earp Blvd. I don’t think Wyatt would recognize the town anymore. It is still a cow town though. There are three feed lots around these parts and between them they slaughter 50,000 cattle a day. That is a lot of beef.

The wonderful media specialist Kathy Frederking invited me to speak at 3 schools (Comanche 5-6; Miller K-4; Dodge City High School 9-12), then I spoke to parents this evening.

She and her husband, Hal, picked me up in Hutch last night and drove me 120 miles to Dodge. After I speak tonight they are driving me to Wichita to catch a flight early tomorrow morning. All together that’s about 10 hours of getting the author where he’s supposed to be, which is far and above the call of duty. I really admire Kathy for going to all this trouble to get an authour in front of Dodge City students.

I was sworn in as an official deputy of Dodge City. Gotta love that!

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