Chisholm Trail Middle School 2

I was at Chisholm Middle School today with librarian and author, Beverley Buller. She’s written a biography about William Allen White for Young Adults: “From Emporia: The story of William Allen White.” Her book is on this year’s
William Allen White Book Award List.

Her husband, Paul, picked me up from the hotel this morning and drove me to school. He’s a 6th grade science teacher at Chisholm. He’s been at the school for 30 years. Beverley is in her 33rd year of teaching…16 years at Chisholm.

After school Beverley and Paul drove me to “Hutch” where I was handed off to the Dodge City gang for tomorrow’s visit. But not before we had a wonderful dinner at a Amish restaurant by the name of: “Dutch Kitchen.”

Great students. Fun day!

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2 thoughts on “Chisholm Trail Middle School

  • Cindy Penner

    Thank you, Roland, for coming to Chisholm Middle School. I am the 8th grade math teacher that asked you how you used math, and I’m happy to say that I tied some of the information that you provided us yesterday into my math class today. I had my students recall how many red wolves you said were left in 1980. I didn’t remember how many you said there were today, but I found on the Internet that there are approximately 270. We found the average rate of change in the red wolf population during that period of time to be 8.7 wolves per year. It worked out perfectly with what we are studying now. We talked about how graphing information about sea otters, elephants and other animals can help to monitor the populations of endangered species. So thank you for the inspiration! I apologize if I caught you offguard with my question.

  • Jaycey

    Hello Thank you so much for visiting Chislom middle school your an amazing author iv read zacks lie and jacks run an now im reading Peak i love your books!!!
    PS im the girl that went in the library when it was just you and Mrs. Buller an then I had to leave early and I had you sign a book to me and 1 to my brother Ethan. Jaycey