Done 2

Roughly 11 weeks, 35 schools, 40 flights, 100 presentations, 20,000 young people… A blur. Now it’s time for me to hideout and write.

I want to thank everyone for their kindnesses and apologize to my editors and readers for the writing delay. Rest assured I will catch up in the next few months.

The wonderful writer Sarah Weeks (So Be It) was the judge for the YA category of the Oregon Book Award and she graciously sent her comments for I,Q (and picked it to win):

IQ by Roland Smith

If you think that a young adult mystery could not possibly be fast paced or carefully plotted enough for a sophisticated reader to enjoy, think again. The combination of suspense and humor – plus a cast of extremely appealing characters, make IQ a thoroughly enjoyable read appropriate for young as well as not-so-young adult readers. The wedding vow scene – alternating vows of the parents with internal monologue of the child is brilliant. There are plenty of good plot twists, some genuine surprises and a rock solid story arc that tells you from page one that it’s safe to sit back and enjoy the ride because you’re in good hands with Roland Smith.

Thank you, Sarah!

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2 thoughts on “Done

  • Olivia

    Wow! Zack’s lie was amazing!!! I am now starting Jack’s run and I can’t stop reading it!!! You are an awesome writer!!!!