The Farm

Back at the farm. FaceBook Fan Page. 1

Long, but trouble free, flight from Florida last night plugged into the “Essential Michael Jackson” to while away the air miles. A beautiful day here in Oregon. I was up relatively early this morning considering when I went to sleep. I spent a couple hours answering email, checking the schedule […]

The Farm 11/20, a pocketful of novels

Dreary day on the farm, but it’s bright in the house with Marie back home. The plan… Continue to hunker down in the office writing until Tuesday, then we’ll head north to Niki’s for Thanksgiving. If there are any editors lurking on this blog, fear not, I will continue to […]

The Farm Where We Live 11

I love autumn on the farm, but I’m not here much this time of year, which makes it that much sweeter when I am. I’m often asked: “Where do you live?” I live in Oregon (born and raised). My wife, Marie, and I have a small farm twenty minutes south […]