The Farm Where We Live 11

I love autumn on the farm, but I’m not here much this time of year, which makes it that much sweeter when I am.

I’m often asked: “Where do you live?”

I live in Oregon (born and raised). My wife, Marie, and I have a small farm twenty minutes south of Portland. The farm is 35 acres. (We co-own 30 acres of the farm with Marie’s sister and her husband). There are two houses on the farm. One for them, one for us.

Our house is six-hundred feet from the road. It’s a simple

house, but very comfortable, and we like it a lot, and feel very fortunate to live in it
My brother-in-law raises a few beef cattle and hay. One of our nieces keeps a horse here. We have two barn cats. In the spring Marie’s mother puts in a big vegetable garden.

About 8 o’clock every evening a cool breeze blows up our little valley and makes us smile.

The farm is a gathering place with family and friends constantly coming and going. Our house is never empty, even when we’re away. This makes us happy too. It would be a shame to have a place like this without someone here to enjoy it.

Marie was raised on the farm and has been here for 40 years. I’ve been here nearly twenty years. It’s a wonderful place to write.

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