A Tour of My Office. 1

RS's Office PicHome sweet home… I’ve spent the last couple days writing and getting organized for the work over the summer. I thought it might be fun to give you a virtual tour of my office. I’m always interested in writer’s and illustrator’s working spaces. You can view the tour on YouTube by clicking the photo.

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One thought on “A Tour of My Office.

  • Tina Hoisington

    Mr. Smith,

    I, too, enjoy looking at other people’s creative spaces. I loved the little touches in your space–the elephant mask, the AWWW! mask, and your pterodactyl above the door. I am a teacher, and I used to have a giant (very realistic) rubber boa around our classroom clock. It always provoked a reaction from visitors. 🙂

    Is that a Sasquatch foot cast under your desk? I enjoyed the tour; I suspect there are hidden treasures behind doors, in drawers, and maybe around clocks!

    We just selected your “Zach’s Lie” for our middle school district-wide read. I understand that you might be coming back to our charming town of Bentonville. You were fabulous last time, and I know you will not disappoint this new crop of readers. We’re excited about sharing “Zach’s Lie” with our students–but I am also very happy to share the rest of your titles, too. I love “Sasquatch” especially because I have always lived in beautiful northwest Arkansas; it feels like a Sasquatch or other cryptids might be anywhere!

    Thanks for sharing your writer/reader world with us. Our town has been blessed with a new museum, and I hope you will have time to visit Crystal Bridges while you are here. Perhaps you have been already? Even if you have, do your clever mind a favor and set aside some time. I would be there daily if I could. There’s always something new to see in a beautiful piece even if you have seen it many times. I think the grounds reveal the very best of Arkansas, so be sure to bring some hiking shoes!

    I look forward to meeting you again when you come our way. Hopefully, you will be able to eat lunch with our staff, but I am sure all the different schools will be wanting your company at their luncheons.

    Happy writing!

    Tina Hoisington, Old High Middle School
    Bentonville, Arkansas