I,Q Two Final #32 and Fire Prairie Middle School 3

WolfI’m at Fire Prairie Middle School this morning speaking to 5th and 6th grade. I’ve been here before and it’s great to be back with super librarian, Joyce McMurray,  and her fabulous students. The 6th grade was joined by Cler-Mont Elementary 4th grader who were bussed over for the presentation.

After signing I was back at the hotel to get some more work in on IQ2.

Reading ChallengeThis evening I headed back to Fire Prairie to speak at their “Family Literacy Night.”

It’s a wonderful event with kids, parents, teachers, games,  a Scholastic Book Fair, and over 40 teacher’s volunteering their evening to help out with all of the literacy events throughout the school.  Outstanding!Board Game

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3 thoughts on “I,Q Two Final #32 and Fire Prairie Middle School

  • Alex

    im from fpms! i loved the assembaly presentation you gave, it was funny! Good luck at the litteracy night!

  • Marissa

    I’m from fpms!! I loved havein u at the school. I know Ms. McMurray did too. I am in 6th grade but I hope you come back next year for the other kids!! @(-_-)@ Thats a monkey!!

  • drew

    your books are great!!! i realy love the criptid hunters!!!!! i raed all of it :)its a very good book!!! 🙂 well it was nice meating you that day plese write back:)