I,Q Two Final #31 2

Three middle schools today in Independence Missouri:  Bridger, Bingham, Pioneer Ridge, which always makes for a wild day, but it was great fun.  Here are the three schools…

MS 2 (1)

MS 2 (2)

MS 3

Up early working on IQ2.  I know you’re probably reading about this, but this is the way it works.  I love the book, but I’m tired of getting up at 4AM to work on it.  But this is how a book gets written.  You wake up and start writing day in and day out and eventually you reach the end.  A lot of people have been emailing me and posting on FaceBook asking when the book is going to come out.  We’re still scheduled to come out with it this school year, but I have no idea of the publication date.  That depends on when I finish it and how long it takes to edit, print, and ship.  All I can say is that it will be out a lot faster than a normal.  When I finish a novel it usually comes out a year or eighteen months later.

I’m changing up the writing schedule today and tomorrow because of the speaking schedule.   I speak until noon tomorrow, then I’ll be back at the hotel until I speak again in the evening.  This means I’ll probably stay up late tonight, sleep in a bit, then get my writing in when I come back to the hotel. Have to stay flexible and and write when you can.

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2 thoughts on “I,Q Two Final #31

  • Korene Ekstrand

    Roland, It was a pleasure meeting you and having you share with our students today at Bridger. You put on an amazing show, and the kids had nothing but great things to say about it. I hope you enjoy your stay in Independence, and manage to squeeze in some writing and relaxing while you’re here!