I,Q Two Final #33 and 3 Elementary Schools in MO

Up relatively early working on I,Q2… Those waiting for this book to be finished are probably very tired of hearing this, but this is how books are written. You wake up and work on the book over and over again until you get it finished. This is called writing. Some days you get in a lot of writing, other days not so much, but everyday the story gets pushed a little further forward until one day it’s finished…or until the story can stand, or wobble, on it’s own.

Yesterday, with the afternoon off, I had planned to get in a lot of writing, but I only managed a little because I was on the phone taking care of some important business having to do with another novel that is finished. An unexpected interruption, but stuff happens, and you have to deal with it when it pops up.

But today is another day. Another opportunity to push I,Q2 forward.

Big FootI was at 3 Elementary schools in Independence, MO today… Randall Elementary with librarian Matt Maher, Proctor Elementary with librarian Mary Minton, and Santa Fe Elementary with librarian Tonnna McGee…speaking to 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students. The schools today and the Young Author event tomorrow are sponsored by the local IRA (a.k.a. the International Reading Association). IRA VP the very cool, Jennifer Epperson, drove me to all the schools today.

Back in the room after school working on I,Q2 and packing up for the next stop, which will be the Children’s Literature Festival in Warrensburg, MO.

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