Monthly Archives: December 2009

From the Sea of Cortez #3

A little pre-Christmas round up… Don’t think it’s all writing and eating food down here. There are errands to run in paradise. Our Internet went out late last week. Of course we thought it had to do with the router we installed, but after reconfiguring it from scratch approximately 7,000 […]

From the Sea of Cortez #2

It’s getting colder down here, especially in the mornings.  The past couple of days it’s only gotten into the mid-sixties.  I know, I know… I’ve seen the weather reports for the U.S.   It’s probably a lot warmer down here than where you are, and that’s one of the reasons […]

From The Sea of Cortez #1 1

We’ve been here for five days… Beautiful weather, although it was a little on the chilly side today with a few clouds, but they were gone by this evening. My routine is simple…  Go to sleep early. Wake up early. Write all day. Repeat. I tend to move my writing […]