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The Alamo (I,Q) – Book Four 1

Fresh off a “too close” encounter with the terrorist group, the Ghost Cell, in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, Q and Angela head to San Antonio, Texas. As their parents’ band, Match, prepares for a concert at the Alamo, the two discover that the Ghost Cell has its tentacles everywhere, including […]

I.Q. Book Three – Kitty Hawk 4

We’ve heard that I, Q, Book Three will be releasing in the fall [2012]. Where does it take place? Q, Angela, and the SOS team are in hot pursuit of the president’s daughter, which leads them to the mysterious Outer Banks of North Carolina during a freak hurricane. The other two plots […]

Thunder Cave. Labor Day. Oprah.

Labor Day.  Tomorrow many of you will be back in school (if you haven’t already started school).   Welcome back! I hope your summer was restful.  I know that mine was.  I’ll be heading back to school (or schools) as well this week. A couple days ago I received this wonderful […]

Zach’s Lie Trailer. 28

Here’s a trailer of my novel Zach’s Lie produced by students at Hobart Middle School in Hobart, Indiana.  It’s a bit edgy, but so is the book.  Thanks to the students for sending this along!  And, no…there is not a film in the works for this novel at the moment.  […]

Summer’s Writing X’s 4 3

I’ve been asked many times:  “How many books do you work on at one time?” My answer has always been:  “One.” This summer I’m going to change that up.  I have several books under contract, and I’m going to work on four of them simultaneously.  I’ve already started two of […]