Tentacles 8

TentaclesTroubled waters! Cryptids–mythological creatures like the Loch Ness monster and Sasquatch–are Travis Wolfe’s obsession, and he’ll travel to the ends of the earth for proof. For cousins Marty and Grace, who have lived with Wolfe ever since Marty’s parents disappeared, this means adventure–and danger! Now they’re all en route to the South Pacific to track down a giant squid, but the freighter they’re on seems to be haunted, and someone on board is determined to sabotage their mission. Will Marty and Grace get to the bottom of this fishy business, or end up at the bottom of the sea?

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8 thoughts on “Tentacles

  • scmumsy

    Got this for my anniversary 2 years ago, now it has made it way into my youngest hands for summer reading. My husband wants us to start a family book club and we’re looking into your other series available. Although I have the 1st 2, I am going to download all 3 on my kindle. lol My husband, daughter, and myself are DYING to read ‘Chupacabra’!! Can’t wait. Love the website, is that your wife as your photographer? Love it when you keep it in the family. As always awesome work.

  • Alexa and Cierra

    I enjoyed this book just as much as the rest of this series! I wish more people new about this series! It’s so awesome! I love it, I love it, I love it!!!!!!

  • Haseeb Salman

    Haseeb Salman
    Briarhill Middle School
    2100 Briarhill Blvd.
    Dear Roland Smith,
    Hello, my name is Haseeb Salman and I am a student at Briarhill Middle school in Texas.
    There many things that I would like to share with you about your book Tentacles and what I have learned from it. I would like to start by saying you made this book impact my life in many ways.
    The first thing that I would like to share with you is how this book impacted my life. One of the things that I noticed was teamwork. Grace, Marty and Travis never gave up on each other if one of them went down the other helped he or she right back up.
    I have read many books but, I have never heard a moral that has actually made me who I am. The moral that I got from this book was that whenever you have a problem you will always have siblings to rely on because they will eventually always come through for you. I had actually had an experience like this before. What happend was I lost one of my very valuable toys back when I was five. My sister didn’t even know what was going on she just saw my face and she asked me what happened. After I had told her everything she helped me find my toy and she came through for me she took out her time just to find a toy for me. This is what made me believe that morals can impact your life in many ways.
    There many things that I was confused about when I first started reading this book. I didn’t understand where the book started? I just didn’t know because the chapter didn’t really clearly set the scene of the book. Another question that I would like to ask is how did Marty’s parents disappear? All the book stated that disappeared mysteriously. I eventually came through and started understanding what was going on and it made perfect sense.
    I would really like to thank you for making me believe that your siblings are there for you and that teamwork is always the key to success.

  • Kaden James Lilly

    Roland Smith I love the cryptid hunters series and i beg of you to make more the book is so good i never want it to end.I ask you with all the kindness i have in my heart make more cryptid hunter books. thank you for my time.
    Kaden James Lilly

  • Bailey

    It has been almost ten years, give or take some, since I’ve read this book and Cryptid Hunters, and I just rediscovered their existence yesterday. I just wanted to say I thought this books were amazing and shaped a portion of my childhood! Thank you!