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Cryptid Hunters by Roland SmithWhen their parents disappear, twins Marty and Grace, 13, are taken in by their Uncle Travis, who searches the world for supposedly mythical creatures. After a parachute fall from an airplane, the kids find themselves in the middle of the Congo, where a surviving dinosaur may still exist. While their conservationist uncle tries to rescue the children, an evil cryptid hunter who kills species rather than saving them pursues the creature. Marty and Grace each have distinct, if not terribly complex personalities, and their adventures are quite absorbing. The first part of the story moves fairly slowly as the characters and the concept of cryptozoology are introduced. Once the twins hit the jungle, though, things get exciting. Along with the atmospheric setting, narrow escapes, and ruthless villains, a couple of neat personal revelations are woven into the tale, affecting nearly everybody involved. Both kids show courage and ingenuity as they try to survive the wild and avoid being captured. Marty’s photographic memory provides a vehicle for presenting many facts about the environment without detracting from the tale. Grace is more introverted as she conquers her fears and discovers a life-changing revelation about her past. With the intriguing plot and plenty of well-paced action, this novel has fine booktalk potential and makes a good choice for adventure fans.

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74 thoughts on “Cryptid Hunters

  • Yahya Dasti


    I just started reading Chupacabra, is Tentacle or Cryptid Hunters the first book?
    Is there a specific order i should have read these books? What book came first?


  • Logan

    So hello you see to be a fan! Well to awenser your question it really matters which book comes first and the order to read them in is, cryptid hunters, tentacles, chupacabra, mutation. Hope this helps

  • Peter Grekin

    Hi Mr. Smith.

    Two things.

    First, I want to thank you for the absolute delight that my son has experienced from reading your books. He truly loves them….which obviously makes his father very happy.

    Second, he is wondering (I am asking on his behalf) if you have sold the movie rights to any of the Cryptid Hunter books. He is depserate to see the stories played out on the big screen.

    Thanks again for giving him such a great reading experience.


    Peter Grekin

  • Aly

    Amazing! I’ve read the whole series and gotten my Grandma and Aunt into a book club with me JUST FOR Roland Smith books. Hope to see more amazing books like this! Maybe make a movie/movies for this series? Thanks!

  • Laura Maggio

    HELP!!! I cannot get Cryptid Hunters in Kindle format! Books 2, 3, and 4 are available, but not 1…why? I wanted it for spring break, and it is not available. Sasquatch is not available, either. Any way you have any control with Amazon making it/them available? Thanks! : )

  • Bella Snow

    I used Cryptid Hunters for my independent reading project and loved it. I have read the series ,more than once. Best series ever

  • Micah

    Hi can you send pictures of how u see Dr. laurel and Travis looking like? I need for a report. Thx

  • Litzy

    I like this book, it was really interesting. I don’t usually read books ,but I really enjoyed this one. Major Props!!!! Thank you!!!