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Cryptid Hunters by Roland SmithWhen their parents disappear, twins Marty and Grace, 13, are taken in by their Uncle Travis, who searches the world for supposedly mythical creatures. After a parachute fall from an airplane, the kids find themselves in the middle of the Congo, where a surviving dinosaur may still exist. While their conservationist uncle tries to rescue the children, an evil cryptid hunter who kills species rather than saving them pursues the creature. Marty and Grace each have distinct, if not terribly complex personalities, and their adventures are quite absorbing. The first part of the story moves fairly slowly as the characters and the concept of cryptozoology are introduced. Once the twins hit the jungle, though, things get exciting. Along with the atmospheric setting, narrow escapes, and ruthless villains, a couple of neat personal revelations are woven into the tale, affecting nearly everybody involved. Both kids show courage and ingenuity as they try to survive the wild and avoid being captured. Marty’s photographic memory provides a vehicle for presenting many facts about the environment without detracting from the tale. Grace is more introverted as she conquers her fears and discovers a life-changing revelation about her past. With the intriguing plot and plenty of well-paced action, this novel has fine booktalk potential and makes a good choice for adventure fans.

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74 thoughts on “Cryptid Hunters

  • scmumsy

    I, no I mean we love your work. My daughter was recommended this novel while in the 7th grade. Now a high school grad in 2013, she has her brother hooked for his advance reading. I’ve read this book, hooked. Finally my husband who has a tight schedule and short attention span fell in love with your book. You are awesome for all of us.

  • Andrew Mitchell

    Cryptid Hunters is a really great book; it’s the reason that I love reading. I got it in the fourth grade and now a high school grad I have read it at least five times. Paleontology is my passion, so a dinosaurian cryptid just really did it for me. Like I said, this book is the reason that I love to read, and, consiquensely, also to write. It’s inspired me with countless ideas to write down and possably make into novels someday. All I can say is, Thank You.

  • micheal darnell

    I read this book in the sixth grade. I already own Chupacabra and will soon own Mutation. I need a copy of Cryptid Hunters to re-read, and a copy of Tentacles to read and own. I found this book underrated and a surprise because of its association with cryptozoology, which i got into because of Lost Tapes about three years ago.

  • Harpaul Hari

    This book is absolutely fantastic. I’ve read it many times now, and never grow bored of it. The plot is excellent and never fails to captivate my full attention, no matter how many times I’ve read it. As a high school senior, I’ve been reading your books over and over and absolutely loving them for years now. Throughout high school, whenever anybody has asked me who my favorite author is, I always gave the same answer- the same name I will write down as my favorite author in my college applications- and that is Roland Smith. I just wanted to say thank you, for composing books that have kept me entertained and glued to them for years. Keep on making these masterpieces!

  • Amy Louthan

    I have a group of 5th grade boys who just received copies of Cryptid Hunters for a book club. We read the first few chapters this weekend & will have our first book club meeting tomorrow after school. We hope to come see you in Houston on Oct. 19. I’m so excited to share this book with them! I love it & when my son was in elementary (now in high school) this was one of the books that led us to have really great discussions.

  • Noah

    I’m one of mrs.Louthans 5th grade students, and I’ve got to say, this is an amazing book, love it!!!!!!!!! I like the part were Grace said “and Grace is a foot smarter than Marty”.Amazing!!!!!!!!!

  • Noah

    Oh, and did I say amazing? (I know I did but I loved it so much I’m gonna say it again) Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  • william bassett

    I thought I was only into comic books but this book got me into chapter books and your seres and your books your the best you probly alredy know that alredy

  • Alexa and Cierra

    Hey we really enjoyed this series!!!! This was such a great book! It was full of twists and turns. We’re twelve years old and we read almost a book a day. Roland Smith has to be our favorite author!

  • Ryan Christner

    I’m a teacher at Cascades Elementary in Lebanon, Oregon, and for the past 4 years I have read your Cryptid Hunter series and they can’t get enough and won’t let me put the books down. Thanks for helping my kids love to read. Also curious if there will ever be any hardback Cryptid Hunter books for sale, seems like only paperbacks. Thanks again Mr. Smith.

  • roland Post author

    Than you for sharing my books with your kids! Sorry to say the hardback is gone, which is the way of all hardbacks eventually. Although I think you can still find them online on Ebay, Powells, etc.

  • Cierra

    Ok, I enjoyed this book and i am twelve. But when i try to recommend it, i make it sound so …… stupid. I love it.
    Eveything was very tricky oh and now my new saying that i say is “duh du jour.” All my friends are like “why do you keep saying that!” And me and my sister are like ” You wouldn’t get it, it is a book thing.”

  • Cierra

    I enjoyed this book and i am twelve. But when i try to recommend it, i make it sound so …… stupid. I love it.
    Everything was very tricky oh and now my new saying that i say is “duh du jour.” All my friends are like “why do you keep saying that!” And me and my sister are like ” You wouldn’t get it, it is a book thing.”

  • amber z

    can u come to my school?its novi meadows in MI.but before next school year ill be in a diff school!>:p

  • stefanie

    i relly love your books i am at chapter 15 and my teacher left us hanging on the weekend i was about to read the rest but i did not so i started today on chapter 16 and is still grabbing me….i love how you have promblems about grace then at the end..{aka:at the end of the the books

  • Charlotte

    I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this series. I read the first book at least 4 times, but I didn’t know that there was more to the series. I blasted through the rest of the series in days. i’m still reading number 4 though. I’m taking this one slow because i want it to last. i guess what I’m saying is I LOVE THIS. and encourage all to read it!

  • Sara

    I discovered Roland smith as a 6th grader when the book “peak” was at a book fair. It intrigued me, and became my favorite book along with every book he had written at that stage. I’m currently a junior in highschool, and Roland smith is STILL a favorite of mine although I haven’t kept up with books since IQ 2 had a delayed release. I’ve been searching for cryptid hunters for awhile now to reread (a friend of mine borrowed it in 7th grade and never returned it) and ended up here. Huge fan!

  • Christine

    Cryptid Hunters is my childhood! I am a freshman in high school now who usually reads mature adult mystery novels, but when ever I can I look in the teen section at half priced books for a novel by you that I haven’t read yet. You impacted how I read so much all I can do is thank you!!!!!

  • Elizabeth R.

    You came to my school once… I loved it! I’ve read pretty much all of your books, and I love them!!! I was recommended this series, so I recommended it to my book club before I had even read it. After we got the “ok” for reading it for the club, I raced home and read it in two days! You are amazing!

  • Melaine

    Will you please please make another book this is my favorite series of all time please don’t leave Grace and Marty!

  • Sebastion

    Hi, I’m a fifth grader who just finished your book, Cryptid Hunters. I loved the book. I wanted to read more, but I was a little confused on the order of the series. Is it Cryptid Hunters, Tentacles, Chupacabra, Mutation? Please write back, and thank you.

  • Destiny

    I was watching tv (it’s 5am) and something reminded me of Cryptid Hunters so I figured I would Google it. I am so happy I did. I never knew about the other books. I read the first one so much that the front cover came off LOL. I really hope you try to make it into a movie. I would die of happiness! I’ll be looking for the other books, hopefully I can afford them right now haha 😛

  • Yamoni Wright

    I am absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs and your book made this obsession increase in severity 100-fold. I have been trying to find this book to buy for 2 years and I still can’t. This book was recommended to me by my 6th grade reading teacher and I’ve read it at least 5 times and I love it more each time. I will definitely look into more books by you. I’m so glad I finally found your name! I’m ecstatic to read it again and again!

  • Cody Mason

    I loved your book! I loved it so much I am doing my “My Own Education/M.O.E.” project on cryptids. I am going to read the next book as soon as I can get it.

  • Stacy Roberts

    I LOVE this book! It is so hard to put down!

    I am getting ready to read this book with my 7th grade science class. We are working on process and debate standards. Students will be formulating an opinion based on research and articles presented in class.

    I remember you coming to the school I taught at a few years back, and you explained to the students how much research you put into your novels before you write or publish them. I thought there was a link on your website to this content, but I can’t seem to find one. Do you still have this information that would be accessible to my students and I?

    Thanks for your great writing! I am hoping to hook a few kids into this series through this novel and our discussion in science.

  • Mr. Krabs

    Thank you very much for writing this book. I absolutely love it. I’m also looking forward to reading the sequels!

  • Mr. Krabs

    Thank you so much for writing this book. I absolutely loved it and am looking forward to reading the sequel.

  • Elizabeth

    Your Cryptid Hunter books are amazing! I have been reading them for about 3 years now and still not have gotten bored. They are action-packed and keep you on the edge of your seat every time. I feel like have truly gotten to know Marty and Grace through reading your books. Thank You!

  • logan

    dear roland will there ever be a book 5? i finished the series and i REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted more. i know noah and butched died but it cant just leave off i think there should be a book about rose getting brought back to life with the logevity gene, like ted can try to improove it so that the gene re grows the human body based on the being. then wolfe and rose get re married and life happily ever after but it turns out noah made more than 5 clones he made an exact copy of himself so that if he ever died it would be like he is still alive but back to make everything go his way and get rose back. anyway i love your books AND KEEP WRITING I DONT JUST LOVE YOUR BOOKS I WANT TO BE YOUR BOOOOOOKS 🙂 thankyou for being a great aurthor! peace!

  • Gary

    I have read all of your books countless times. I am a very picky reader and this set of books just sparked an interest of sciences and animals. I am a 13 year old boy and i have read these books since i was 7 thank you for a wonderfully written and amazing book

  • Gary

    I have read all of your books countless times. I am a very picky reader and this set of books just sparked an interest of sciences and animals. I am a 13 year old boy and i have read these books since i was 7 thank you for a wonderfully written and amazing book.

  • Joseph Flores

    I love your Cryptid Hunters books I am finally half way done with Mutation and am loving it so far but I would like to know if you will be making another book to go along with the others?

  • claire porcadilla

    It’s a great book 🙂 My 5th grader got hooked and finished this in a day.. 🙂