The Windy City (I, Q) – Book Five 2

The Windy City, Roland SmithAfter Q and Angela help foil a Ghost Cell plot in San Antonio, they head to Chicago, the next stop on the Match tour. Since they’ve been busy fighting international terrorism, they’re behind on their school assignments. Their parents tell them if they don’t get caught up, it’s off to boarding school. But who can concentrate on homework when there is a mystery to solve and international terrorism to thwart? Angela is obsessed with finding out more about the mysterious Boone. Q is more interested in not going to boarding school. But when Boone and his SOS crew are ambushed on their way to Chicago, it becomes abundantly clear. Someone inside their inner circle is feeding the Ghost Cell information. As they dig ever deeper to learn the identity of the mole, Angela and Q uncover the Ghost Cell’s next plot. And it’s much, much worse than a car bomb. They plan to unleash a chemical weapon over the skies of Chicago. And it’s up to Angela and Q, along with Boone and Croc, to stop them.

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2 thoughts on “The Windy City (I, Q) – Book Five

  • shira

    can you make the series also a movie series? I love the series and I want to share it with some of my friends ut not all of them are big readers. I already lovethe series and I am waaaaaay ready for book 6. please make the series a movie series I would love that. 😀 😀 😀

  • Josh

    I agree with the earlier comment from Shira. I absolutely love these books and cannot wait for book #6 to come out. Ever since I read the first book, I’ve thought that the series should be made into movies. As always, you did a marvelous job on this book. Please keep them coming! (Also, the cliffhangers kill me. Great job! 😀 )