Westridge School, Lake Oswego, OR. 12

IMG_0322I visited Westridge in Lake Oswego today.  I think this might be my fourth visit there and it’s always fabulous.  And it’s only six miles from the farm…no airports, planes, hotels.  I spoke to perhaps the best prepared 5th and 6th grade students I’ve ever talked to.  They had all read at least four of my novels.  Some of them had read all of the novels.  Wow!

They put together a perfect schedule.  One big power point program for all the 5th and 6th graders, then we had two,  hour long,  Q and A sessions.

They had notebooks filled with information and illustration about the novels.  They did beautiful wall featuring the novels.  I’m sorry I can’t put up all of the walls here.IMG_0324

Thank you for inviting again again.  And thank you for the pad thai and the Java Juice!

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12 thoughts on “Westridge School, Lake Oswego, OR.

  • Eric

    Thank you so much for the great experience at Westridge today I really enjoyed it a lot.
    -Eric 6th grade

  • Julie Arndorfer

    Thank you for visiting Westridge again and for your kind comments on your FB page. The students and teachers were so excited for your visit, and once again, you delivered in a big way! Thank you for your informative and encouraging conversation with our students/writers. Your work and your words of wisdom are inspirational. Thank you for being so gracious with all the autographing and answering everyone’s questions. We look forward to your next visit!


  • Karen Carter

    Hi Mr. Smith. Thank you for coming to Westridge. Our class says “We loved your presentation and it was great to see a real life author and meet the man behind the books!” We love your books and can’t wait for the next I, Q to come out. Keep writing!

  • Alicia

    thanks so much for coming to our school. it was inspiring hearing your stories about working with animals and writing your books. your books are my favorite to read. thanks alot.

  • Andrew

    Thanks for coming to our school. Im excited for your new book that you probably don’t want me to announce but it started with Be.

    BTW i found out my mom lived in Nairobi, Kenya when she was young! 🙂

  • Daniel Farthing-6th grader

    Thanks Mr. Smith for coming to Westridge. I love to write and im thinking about pursuing to become an author. After your coming to Westridge i’ve thought about what you said and now i definately want to! Thanks again!

  • Eva H.

    thanx so much for coming to our school!! it was really fun and interesting to learn about how your sloppy copy books slowly evolve into ready-to-publish books. now im thinking about becoming an author when i grow up! u are also very funny, i got a lot of laughs out when u came. thanx again!!!