James R. Schirle Elementary School. Salem, OR 6

I’m at James R. Schirle Elementary today speaking to K-5 students. It’s a little over 40 miles from the farm, so again, another day without airports, airplanes, and hotels, which is always a pleasure. Speaking of which, so are the kids and teachers at Schirle. A wonderful bunch of excited readers! Go Schirle Sharks! Their way cool librarian is Holly Fiskum. Thank you inviting me to your school!

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6 thoughts on “James R. Schirle Elementary School. Salem, OR

  • Hollly Fiskum

    What a perfect day! I’ve heard from so many families this evening as they process and remember the events from today. With your books, you have shown our students that every one of them is a reader…as long as they have the right book. We are all HUGE Roland Smith fans! Thanks for making a difference in our lives.

  • roland Post author

    Hi Holly, it was a perfect day, but much of that had to do with the wonderful, dedicated librarian (you) who organized the visit. Thank you for all of your kindnesses.

  • Jack Edwards

    Thank you so much Mr. Smith for coming. I was incredible luckey that my middle school had the day off. I loved watching each of the performances. That was probably the best thing Schirle Elemementry has done, calling you up. Thank you. Both of you

  • Julia

    Hi I really enjoyed your visit! My favorite book that you have writen so far is either Crypted Hunters or I,Q. Inever knew you had such funny grandchildren. How old did you say Ethan was? well it’s pretty amazing that someone like him could even do that!Once again thank you for coming .