Sitka, Alaska. 5

Got into Sitka late last night. Spoke to 6th an 7th grade at Blatchley Middle School. Two groups of great kids.

In the afternoon I did a Rural District Audio Conference. Kids called in with questions from l over the state, which was very cool.

DinoAfter this I did a program at the Kettleson Memorial Library, then dinner. Busy day, but a lot fun with “spirited” readers. The Alaska Spirit of Reading event was put together by two wonderful librarian’s Ginny Blackson and Kari Sagel.   Read more about the event here.  The dino to the left is guarding the children’s collection at the library.

I forgot to mention this, but Marie has embarked on the “final” remodeling of our 30+ year old house. The downstairs bathroom andBathroom Hom the downstairs family room. She’s been shopping for tile and fixtures for weeks. This weekend when I left for Alaska, no sooner had I headed north she started gutting the bathroom. John Riko, super contractor, Steve the electrician, and Ury the tile guy have her back. Looks like the downstairs bathroom is gone.

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5 thoughts on “Sitka, Alaska.

  • olivia

    Thank you very much! You have inspired me to write. I enjoy writing and I do it quite often it’s just that, I’m really not sure where to begin… I am interesting in trying to get some of my work published some day but I honestly don’t know where to begin! Can you give me advice on how to come up with a scheme? I know what I WANT to write about I just don’t know how to write it… My trash can is full of crumpled paper… Please, just give me some hints on questions to ask myself to give me some ideas and ifo you could check out some of my writing work on my blog, it would mean the world to me. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, It means a lot.

    Thank you,

    Olivia Rivera,
    the 7th grader who asked a lot of questions!!!

  • Penny

    If you get a chance in Sitka be sure to walk through the Totem Pole Park at sunrise or dusk – a marvelous experience!!
    Have Fun…Penny and Jim

  • roland Post author

    Hi Penny and Jim, Unfortunately, I won’t have time for the sunrise/sunset totem walk, but Marie and I visited the park the last time we were here and it was beautiful. I head to Fairbanks this evening for a couple of days, then it’s Bethel at the end of the week. Hope you’re both doing well.