North to Alaska. 3

I’m headed up to Ketchikan this morning to speak tomorrow, then I head to Sitka, Fairbanks, and Bethel. A lot of little flights in a very big state over the next week for “Alaska Spirit of Reading.”

I’ve been to Alaska many times as a biologist and an author, and it always has the feel of a foreign country to me. I mean this in a positive way. Alaskans seem to have a different world outlook, and they certainly have great pride in state they live in, with good reason. It’s a magnificent place

Alaskans are wonderfully opinionated and not shy about sharing those opinions whether you want to hear them or not. I like this attitude. At the same time, they are very laid back.

And I have a family connection to Alaska. Marie’s mother Yupik, born in the far north before Alaska was a state.

As I fly north I’m working on the First Chapter of the 3rd I,Q book, which we will put at end of I,Q2 (if that makes sense). This does not mean I,Q3 is underway…but I am thinking about it. I have some other novels to finish before I start in on I,Q3.

I had dinner with my host in Ketchikan, librarian Charlotte Glover and her husband, David, who is a jazz muscian and the Mayor of Ketchikan.

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  • Russell

    Hi Roland, I am a 6th grader and I am doing a project on Tentacles as my favorite book. The project includes a summary, a presentation and some items representing the book. Any advice?