On my way to Ocala, Florida. Memoir? 6

Up at 3 to catch a flight to Orlando. I had a wonderful 24 hours at the farm with my family.

Flight out of PDX is delayed because of a battery problem. What’s interesting to me is that when they make the announcement no one sitting here waiting to board reacts at all. We are so used this we barely let out a sigh over the fact that we are going to miss our connecting flights, and some of us may not get to where we’re going at all.

I’ve been asked hundreds of times to write an autobiography or memoir and today seemed as good a time as any to start one. At this point I can’t promise that I’ll actually finish it, or how long it will take, or when it will be out, although I have November 30th, 2011 in mind as that will be my 60th birthday and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate this personal milestone than to have a book come out describing the path I’ve traveled to reach the six decade mark.

And I just happen to have a blank Moleskine journal in my bag begging for me to fill it up with words. The nice thing about this personal journey, whether it ever turns into a book or not, is that it will still serve a purpose as it will help me to clarify all those years. And I’m relatively certain my family will be interested on my take on my own life. There will be some things in the story that not even they know about me.

Moving walkway duster at PDX:

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6 thoughts on “On my way to Ocala, Florida. Memoir?

  • tyler

    i thankyou for coming to dillard drive middle school last week. remember me? it is tyler. the kid who made you sign my three books. I really liked your slideshow as well.


    Dear Mr. Roland Smith,

    Is this your first visit in Ocala/ Marion County?

    Since you already been in Ocala, did you like the horse farms?

    Also, were you shocked that there were horses in the Sunshine State?

    Last question, I have a suggestion on your next animal novel. You should write about the horses in florida. Most people don’t even know that there is horses in florida. Before I moved here 4 years ago, I did’nt know about the horses! You should look into this. ( Florida makes a good vacation while you do your research! LOL)

    Thank You for taking your time to read this message.