A day on the farm. Marie’s mom’s birthday. Freeze & Read!

Delayed in Detroit last light, home in the wee hours of the morning. Woke up early, stumbled down the hallway to the kitchen for coffee and found grandson’s 3 & 4 in the living room watching cartoonsI What a great treat to see my boys! I haven’t seen them in months.

Party time on the farm this afternoon for Mary’s 81st birthday. Mad preparations of food. Potluck parties are gigantic events here. I’m glad to be home to enjoy it.

FREEZE AND READ on April 17th. Check it out. http://freeze-n-read.weebly.com/

Laundry, packing, getting ready for an early depature to Florida tomorrow morning.

Got in a bit of writing today, but not much because of all activity. But a “bit” is better than none. I’ll get in a little bit more on the cross country flight tomorrow.

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