I,Q Two Final #37. Jim Jackson. Virogua & Cashton Schools. 6

I woke up in Viroqua, WI a little late this morning because of my late arrival into Lacrosse about 25 miles away from here…which direction I’m not certain. This is my first trip to this part of Wisconsin.

I got some very sad news yesterday when I was speaking in Warrensburg. My good friend Jim Jackson passed away in Panama. Jim was a great supporter of wildlife conservation and the former owner of the Fossil Rim Wildlife Park in Glen Rose, Texas. He was a tremendous help to me when I was working on the red wolf reintroduction program. I miss him and it was difficult to get through the red wolf part if my talk. Over 20 years of wonderful memories flooded in as the images came onto the screen. Years ago Jim invited Marie and I to sail around the world with him. At the very end we decided that we couldn’t goo. I’ve often wondered what our lives would be like now if we’d gone on that adventure with our old friend. Jim was a gentle soul and one of a kind. Wildlife lost one of its foremost advocates in my old friend, Mr. Jim Jackson.

Because of the late start I’ll have to wait to work on I,Q until after the school visits today after I get to next hotel, which I understand is a couples  hours away from here.

V1I had a great time at the Viroqua & Cashton Schools.  Very polite students with wonderful questions.  Thank you for inviting me!V2

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6 thoughts on “I,Q Two Final #37. Jim Jackson. Virogua & Cashton Schools.

  • Kim

    So sorry for your loss Roland. He sounds like he was a wonderful man. Our wildlife needs more advocates like him and you.
    Take care, travel safe.

  • Chris Wagner

    I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you responding to the questions from my middle school kids yesterday. I teach a targeted reading class which means I get all of the struggling reader. Almost without exception, everyone of these kids say the hate reading when asked. I am trying to change their minds by giving them good, interesting books to read in class and on their own time. I am happy to say that Peak was a huge success as a classroom novel. They all were glued to the last pages as we just finished the book moments ago in class. By replying to their questions, you made the book that much more real for them. Thanks again,
    Chris Wagner

  • roland Post author

    It was my pleasure, Chris. I wish I’d had more time to answer the questions in more detail. Say hello to your students for me.

  • Molly

    I’m very sorry for your loss, Roland. I’m one of the students from Viroqua Middle School. I just wanted to say thankyou for coming and that you have re-inspired me to keep writing. I enjoyed having you and hope I’ll have the honnor of meeting you again someday. Oh yeah, no offense, but you mispelled Viroqua twice.

  • Darryl Morris


    I appreciated your comments on Jim. I worked for him at Fossil Rim and like many others here I considered him a friend. It was indeed sad news. I was just digging around when I found your comment. I am sorry for your loss, but be certain that many of us share in that loss.

    kind regards,