I,Q Two Final #36 2

Comfort WritingUp at 3:30 without an alarm down in the lobby working on I,Q2 with the night crew putting together breakfast.  Final day of the Children’s Lit Festival, then off to Lacrosse, Wisconsin this evening for three days of school visits.  Amazingly this little hotel I’m staying at in Warrensburg has fresh coffee this time of morning for which I’m very grateful.

A lot of questions about my novels, but especially I,Q2 like:  WHEN IS IS GOING TO COME OUT?   Soon.  First I have to finish it.  And as soon as I find out, those who read this journal will be the first to know.

Three more programs at the festival to enthusiastic readers have a blast listening to authors talk about their books and illustrators talk about their art.IMG_0262

Rushed to the airport after my last talk on my donut tire.  Marie and Terry Trueman (see my favorite links) dropped me at the terminal, then dropped the lame rental off.   My flight was delayed so I had to hop on another airline to Chicago.  That flight was late too and I had to make the dread three terminal sprint to catch my flight to Lacrosse.  As I was heaving up to the counter I heard:  “Last call for passenger Roland Smith!”   Last guy on the flight, but I made it thankfully.  Just got to the hotel 10:45 as I sent this out.

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2 thoughts on “I,Q Two Final #36

  • Rachel

    Hey, thanks for coming and talking to us 7th and 8th graders in Viroqua, WI. We really enjoyed your humor and I personally can’t wait for your second I.Q. to come out.

  • Morgun Oldham

    Thanks for coming to Viroqua Schools and giving us all presentation. We all think you were funny and thanks again for coming.