I,Q Two Final #30 5

Alfred RolandI was up early working on I,Q2, then off to Chillicothe Middle School to speak to 6th and 7th grade for Laurinda Davison and Pat Nichols. This is my 3rd visit for Laurinda. We were joined by some students from Chula School as well.  Laurinda is amazing!  She manages to beg, borrow, and steal every year to get an author to her school.  Aside from great students, Chillicothe is also known as “The Home of Sliced Bread.”

Drove down to Independence, MO after school and I’m in my room working on I,Q2 and figuring out my travel schedule for the next few weeks.

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5 thoughts on “I,Q Two Final #30

  • Christi Wiley

    Dear Mr. Smith,
    We are looking forward to your visit at Fire Prairie, Thursday, March 11.

    Our entire class is writing this right now.

    Your Friends,
    Mrs. Wiley’s 5th grade class

  • Lyd C.

    I just wanted to say hi and to tell you that I love your books. My class watched a video about you today and that made me want to read more of your books. I can’t wait to see you come speak at my school on thursday.
    Your Friend,

  • Megan G.

    Roland Smith! your books are addicting! i didn’t know where i could send this to you and i hope that you read it! i stayed home sick today and i read the whole Independence Hall book for the second time! i will start reading The White House for the second time also! Again i had no clue where to write this! i hope you write a third IQ book soon!! thank you soooo much!!!