I,Q Two Final #29 3

Last night I got to the hotel a little later than I expected, so I wasn’t up as early as usual.  I did manage to get some work in on I,Q2 this morning, and bit more this evening.  I hope to have a more productive day tomorrow.

I’m in Chillicothe, Missouri.  I spoke at Central Elementary school this morning to 5th and 6th grade and had a great time.  This afternoon I spoke to 8th graders at Chillicothe Middle School to 8th grade and I’m back there tomorrow.  So, I’ll wait to post about that visit until then.

DSCN3185 (2)I got these great photos from my friend Scott Kiser at Meyers Elementary in Oregon.  He has a student teacher who read my novel “Sasquatch”  and decided that he would dress up as Big Foot to teach a lesson about temperate rain forests, in which there are supposed to be a lot of Sasquatch.  I wished I’d been there for the lesson.BF Teaching

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3 thoughts on “I,Q Two Final #29

  • Jason Gundlach

    Hello Mr. Smith,

    I am Scott Kiser’s student-teacher. The students love your novel “Sasquatch.” It has been a great addition to our temperate rain forest unit and has opened up opportunities to discuss the novel in multiple ways.

    I’m glad you like the pictures!

  • roland Post author

    Hi Jason,

    I loved the photos! You’re going to go far as an educator. I imagine that it was a bit warm inside the Sasquatch skin. The things teacher’s do for their students. Amazing!

  • Alicia Beadell from ams

    Nice pic Roland I am A student at Alexander Middle School And i think that picture is really not that scary if you are tryin to scare anyone your just scaring yourself on the internet ……..hahahahaha im am just kidding i love your books especially “Peak” and “Sasquach”!!!!!! So dont think that im trying to make you mad because im not and you no that I really love you And your books