Skype Visits/Rental 2

IQ CakeOur temporary rental does not have internet (although it does have “real” electricity).

The past two mornings (early) I’ve had to drive a few miles down the road to the pool (where they have internet) for Skype visits at schools in Texas.

The students had wonderful questions, and there was even an I,Q cake, which I didn’t get to taste because I’m two time zones away.

The remodel is just about finished, but I suspect we’ll be in the rental for a few more days before we can move back in.

The writing is going along well. I will have more news for you on that front in few days.

Below are some of the photos from the Skype visit…and the pool…

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2 thoughts on “Skype Visits/Rental

  • Sharon V

    What a great event! Kids, teachers, administrators…everyone is still talking about it. One of the girls was very embarrassed that I asked the question about the color of your hair! They are looking forward to IQ2. All of the Roland Smith books have suddenly been checked out!