Back on The Sea of Cortez 1

Back down in Mexico. The lovely Ruth and Al picked me up in Arizona yesterday morning for the seven hour drive, made slower by a stretch of rain-damaged road. We arrived just before sundown and found Marie and her mother napping in the car in our driveway.

Uh-oh… This could only mean the inside of the house was chaos. This turned out to be true, but they have made tremendous progress since I’ve been stateside.

It was wonderful to see Marie and her mother after two weeks!

Marie rented a house in the “electric” section for the next week, so we are now in the lap of luxury, relatively speaking, with the exception of no Internet (a constant problem down here). But I should note for those schools I’m Skyping with this week that I have a solution to the problem. A few miles down the road there’s a place with Internet and I’ll use their access for the visit.

I’m thumbing this in on my iPhone.

I will make another (bigger) post later this week (when I find some Internet) with the photos and videos currently stuck in my digital camera. Uploading them now on the AT&T international network for the iPhone would cost more than the rent on this house.

Below is the view from the back patio where I’m writing and the tiled fireplace in the house that I really like.

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