Lakeside Middle School 3

I’m in Hot Springs, Arkansas the next three days.

Today I am with the very kind Tanna Clark, Library Media Specialist at Lakeside Middle School, speaking to 5th, 6th, and 7th grade students.

Hot Springs is about an hour and a half south of Little Rock and is the boyhood home of The Man From Hope, Bill Clinton (big sign as you drive into town). It’s a resort town with spas everywhere, of which I will not partake because I have books to write…not that I would set foot in a spa anyway.

I was up at 4 writing and I should be able to get in a bit more work after school because I don’t have to drive or fly anywhere. And the hotel I’m staying at has my all time favorite time saver…room service.

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3 thoughts on “Lakeside Middle School

  • Maurie Gangluff

    I love your job and thats what i want to be when i grow up!I also love all of your books that I have read!

  • Moni Sanders

    I love what you do! It is very unique at all the things you have seen! Is there any way I can get one of your books.

  • Jennifer Pham

    Yeah! This is my school(: when I went to go get my book signed, my cousin was standing there, and you and some other peopl were discussing the words'”Nu-uh.” And my cousin said'”heyy can you write a book about me?” And you said,”Nu-uh.” Haha you were hilarious(: “fruit loop bird.” Little billy has such an imagination(: