Southside Elememtary & Cabot Middle School 24

I was at two schools today in Cabot, Arkansas near Little Rock.

Southside Elementary with Melissa Wilson where I spoke to K thru 4th grade. And Cabot Middle School South with Stephanie Collins speaking to 5th and 6th grade. Both wonderful schools with outstanding librarians.

I’ve fallen right back into School Visit Mode without a glitch. Asleep by 7PM. Up at 2AM for a long very hot shower at the Peabody Hotel without worrying about water conservation, which was a great way to start the day. At the desk by 3AM writing until Melissa came by to pick me up.

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24 thoughts on “Southside Elememtary & Cabot Middle School

  • Jacob

    THanks for coming to our school. i am tring to read one of your books but they impossible to find.anyway i hope to read elifent run

  • Tori Glockzin

    Thanks for comming to Cabot Middle School South! I enjoyed listening to you talk and explain how to write like an author. I absolutly love your books and hope to read more! You are my favorite author of all times!
    Thanks so much,
    Tori Glockzin

  • chloe bean

    Dear Mr.Smith,
    Thank you so much for coming and visiting our school! We all enjoyed you life storys and all the adventures that you have been threw! I loved the part when you told us about the red wolfs that was and amazing story.again thanks for coming and visiting our school
    From:Chloe (CMSS student)

  • tristan

    dear mr.smith
    I real loved your visit to our school i loved your stories you told. also i want u to have good tripes to other schools

  • Chloe Risher

    Dear Mr. Roland
    I think you are the best author I think I would be interested in reading the books Tentalcles, the Red Wolf One, and the Elephant one (not Elephant Run, and many more!!! I am hoping to read those soon!!!
    From: Chloe Risher
    (Cabot Middle South)

  • Brandon Jones

    Dear Mr.Smth,

    Thank you for visiting our school I really enjoyed the storys about the adventures and how you saved the red wolvesfrom .I know that me and all my fellow students loved your program.I hope that one day I will be able to see and meet you in person again.

    (CMSS)Student Sincerly,

  • jonahtan gatliff

    thanks 4 coming 2 my school i realy liked ur presentation it was awsome i hope 1 day i can read 1 of ur books i hope 2 read elaphant run and tentacles

  • bobbi jo bailey

    thank you for visiting my school i hope to read every book you have ever published i loved the seaotter rescue pictures i hope to fallow in your foot steps onne day i hopo see you again im a person on face book and myspace thank you once again mr. rolland smith

    from your #1 reader, bobbijo bailey 5th grade cmss

  • Laura

    hi im from cabot middle school south and i wanted to say that i love your books and appreiciated your visit to our school

  • Dora Jean

    i love your books and i liked it when you came to my school,Cabot Middle School were very kind to everyoone and i loved all of your “david” storys that you had-They were really funny.i hope you had a very pleasant time at this school.

  • Zack

    i know a lot of people in the cabot school. You are coming to my school tommarow and i am hoping to see you.
    I am bringing Tetacles for you to Sign
    I go to the CAC Sylvan hills. You Know my teachers phone number. My teacher’s name is Angie Diles

  • micah long

    thank u so much for comeing to cmss i really enjoyed your speech!!! you are very lucky to have been most all around the world!!! I love your wolrk!!!!

  • Regan Tucker

    Thanks so much for coming to Cabot Middle School South on monday! I really love your books, and im gonna go buy Peak this weekend. OMG im like so exited!
    P.S. Im in the fifth grade.

  • Vinny Snyder

    hey thanks so much for coming to my school I love your book Elephant run now i’m going to read IQ

  • Greer Marie King :)

    I love the book Elephant Run! It’s one of my favorites. I really want to read Zack’s Lie and Tentacles. Thanks for coming to Middle School South!

    <3 Greer 🙂

  • lauren mccabe

    dear roland smith,
    i LOVE your books . my class is enjoying the book,Elphant Run in their lituracy circles . Hope i came be in their group.

    -Lauren McCabe(cmss)
    p.s-your a good story teller