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I’m in a nice Marriott with a panoramic view of a golf course with brown fairways. I suspect they must green them up sometime during the year. Because of my unusually early arrival yesterday I had the luxury of writing most of the day. Up again this morning at 4 for a couple more hours of work, until librarian Sunni Johnson (who’s first name matches her personality perfectly) picked me up and took me to Gene Pike Middle School in Justin, Texas for a breakfast with teachers.

Spoke in the gym to 6th, 7th, 8th. The 6th grade were a little wound up, perhaps because of the three day weekend, but all the students were wonderful.

Books were provided by The Book Carriage and Coffee Shop. They’ll be selling books at the other schools as well.

After school the wonderful librarians took me to dinner at Prairie House in Roanoke, Texas. Great dining partners, great food.

Talked to Marie last night. She and her mother are headed up to the border town of Mexicali to pick up tile for the remodel, which is going well, but as of yesterday they still don’t have power at the house and are still staying at Marie’s sister’s place being very careful in the use of propane gas.

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16 thoughts on “Gene Pike Middle School

  • Lyndsie Kirkland (7th grader at Gene Pike middle school)

    Mr.Smith, our school loved having you come and talk to us. Your books are favorites of me and my classmates. We all wanted to thank you for coming to our schol and taking time out of your busy schedule to come educate us in the value of reading and writing.
    -Lnydsie Kirkland (7th grader at Gene Pike middle school)

  • Sunni Johnson

    Thank you so much for visiting our school today. Our students and teachers are even more excited about your books after hearing about your adventures and writing process. We are all waiting on the edge of our seats for the next book in the IQ series to come out! Your books engage so many of our readers and now your visit will encourage our students to go and write! Thanks again!

  • Amy Howell

    LOVED the visit!! Thoroughly enjoyed your presentation; I loved hearing about your biology background. My SSI class is studying Adaption, specifically the adaptation of wolves to dogs. Many of the students made comments to me after about how “cool” it was that you knew so much about wolves!! Thank you for your time.

  • Gage Faske

    Hi Mr. Smith I am a student at Gene Pike Middle School and thought you where very funny oh and thanks u got us out of class and I read Peak and it was awesome and would read it again.



  • Tanner Smith

    Hi Mr. Smith I am a student at gene pike middle school. My name is Tanner Smith I have they same last name as you and I like your entire book’s they are really great books. And you sigh a book for me and I will keep it for a long time and thank you for coming to are school it was really fun. I read jack’s run and I also read peak. And you for getting us out of class you were really funny. YOU ARE REALLY COOL. I really liked you.

  • Eric Pacheco

    Hi Roland, I’m a student at Pike I loved your presentation. I haven’t read one of your books but I’m really looking forward to reading one. Oh yeh, thanks for getting us of class.


    Eric Pacheco

  • Daniel Martinez

    it’s been nice meeting you and the book jack’s run i read it it was great!!!!!

    ps: im looking for the book Beneath because I want to buy it to read it and I can not find it in our library or maybe I should look for it on the internet and thanks for coming to our school bye !!!!!!!

  • Matthew Lowery

    It was a great time Roland Smith, thank you for coming to our school and telling us about the importants of time, some of your books, research, etc. You were awesome.

  • chelsea moore

    i love your book jacks run its amazing and it was so cool that you got to come to our school i liked how you showed your pictures about your life and where you visted that was cool.

  • ashley smith

    Thank you Roland Smith for coming to our school and showing us how to make a book and showing us about your books. It was very fun to learn more about your life. I was happy to meet you. I learned alot aboutyou and your books. My favorite book from you was Thunder Cave.

  • kyana allen

    Mr.Ronland Smith
    i enjoyed having you coming to our
    school yesturday.You are so funny
    i mean it was crazy you had me laughting so hard i started to cry.i mean i like the part when you said people was walking up Mont.Everst and when you see a dead body you would say WOW lol. i just love your book jacks run and thunder cave.your so amazing.Thank you so much for everything i have learned so much about the way red wolfs are.I just love your books and was the book based on any of your children.Well thanks for geting us out of class.


  • maria ray

    Word Roland Smith thank you for visiting our school yesterday. I had a great time listening to your story’s. Thank you for getting us out of class.

  • kyana allen

    you are so funny. I enjoyed you coming to my school yesturday.It was so sweet of you to take out the time to come visit us.I was laughting so hard that I started crying.Did you write some of your books based on your kids.I llove your books Thurndercave and Jacks run.Those are really good books.when is your next book coming out.Well because you of you i know so much about wolfs.Well THANKS again.


  • Madison Underwood

    Dear Mr. Roland Smith-

    Thank-you so much for comming! I was so excited to hear that you were comming. The stories you told of other countries were very interseting to listen to. I am really anxious to start reading some of your books! 🙂

    -Sincerly Madison Underwood

  • Blaine Harris

    Dear Mr. Smith,

    Thank you for coming to our school I had a great time listing to you speak. I thought it was amazing all the wild life and enviromental things you helped with. To tell you the truth I was kind of jelous of all the place you’ve been. I’m sure glad I have some of your books at my house so I start reading them and ream some again.

    Gene Pike Student and Reader,
    Blaine Harris