Cryptid Hunters vs. Tentacles 117

I’ve gotten a a lot of emails the past week from readers who are a little confused about TENTACLES…

Just to clarify TENTACLES is the sequel to CRYPTID HUNTERS.

Can you read the novels out of order? Yes, but it would be better to read them in order.

TENTACLES begins almost immediately after Marty and Grace return from The Congo in Central Africa.

Will there be a 3rd book in the series? The short answer is yes (and probably several more). The longer answer can be found by scrolling through these blog entries to “Will there be a sequel to Cryptid Hunters and Tentacles?”

I’m delighted so many of you are enjoying Tentacles. If you haven’t read Cryptid Hunters I’m certain you’ll like it just as well Tentacles.

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117 thoughts on “Cryptid Hunters vs. Tentacles

  • roland Post author

    If you’re talking about a 3rd Cryptid Hunters book. The sequel, Chupacabra, will be out in 2012. While you’re waiting I suspect you will enjoy my other novels, if you haven’t already read them.

  • Alia

    I see the third book will be published in 2012, is there a specific date or not yet?? I cannot wait, I am completely in love with this series!:)

  • Kimberly

    I once read this AMAZING series, and I never thought I would find a series I liked more. Well, I like yours more. ITS THE BEST SERIES EVER!!! I read Cryptid Hunters at school, and I read Tentacles by myself in one day. I love your series ssssssssooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! I’ll just have to read it over and over and over and OVER again until the 3rd book comes out. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!!!

  • Jaeda

    and i m hoping it comes out this year(2011), or ill have to find another series to read, i had to do that with the guardians a gahoole series 🙁

  • roland Post author

    Nope. Although you will find some character from Sasquatch in Tentacles and in the third book when it comes out in 2012.

  • sam

    could you give me your email address so you can send me when the NeXt BOOK Comes out

  • Martyboy

    you rule and so do your books!!!!!!!11=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D=D

    yours sincerly richard
    P.S.(Ricky is my nickname

  • ali colak

    Could you write a lot of books based on the series cryptid hunters because the turkish movie series are finishing like kollama and thats my favorite and i need something to do

  • blaise

    I can not wait for the third book because in the second one Grace and the baby dinosaus are captured

  • Serene H. S.

    OMG I loved crypted hunters more then any book i’ve ever read. It’s killing me that I don’t know whats going to happen in the 3rd book. PLEASE HURRY. oh and if you do read this thanks for your time. May the ninjas be with you!
    Sincerely me 🙂
    P.S. I keep telling all my friends to read your books. I’ve only hooked one so far.

  • rhiannon

    i cant wait for the third book to come out!!!!!!!! i just finished cryptid hunters for the third time for this month!!!!!! good thing i own it, hurry up Mr. smith i want the third book now

  • ali colak

    could you email me for the 3rd book and come visit my school peterson elementary in chicago il

  • Sarah

    Mr. Smith,
    How long did it take you to write Tentacles? Will you come and visit Lake Oswego Junior High? Please!!!!!!! We’re in Oregon!

  • Unknown :)

    Mr. Roland Smith.

    You must understand that most of the people commenting on this are simply not patient enough to wait a whooole year to read the next book in the series.

    So, simply put, please hurry 🙂

  • Haley Da Bomb Diggity

    Hey mr Smith! i just found out that there will be a third book, and i am so excited! i have read cryptid hunters twelve times! it is one of my favoritests series ever!!!! thankyou for writing them! 🙂

  • Diane

    My 4th grader shared with me the Cryptid Hunter Series and even made a model of the Coelecanth ship from Tentacles. I just finished Tentacles (would love to do the exploring that the characters get to do!) and found your website to find out if there’s a third book in the series. We will look forward to Chupacabra in Sept 2012. Why does it take so long for a book to be published if you can write in 3 months? Any chance they can get it out sooner, so we have some fun summer reading??

  • austen

    hey i just fenshed the crited hunters and hope to read tenticals soon is it when grace, marty and wolfe goes to new zelend to study the craken i beleve its called pleas answere me thanks

  • Addison

    Hey mr. Smith. Last night I planned on reading like three chapters of cryptid hunters but instead had it finished by 2 am. Lol. Tonight I also planned on only reading a few chapters of tentacles but guess what it’s 1 am and I already finished. =D if you could please answer this question that would be almost as brilliant as Ted. What month do you believe the next book will come out?

  • roland Post author

    I’m still working on it, but hopefully it will be out in September. I’ll post the exact publication date when I know what it is.

  • Addison

    And ok. Thank you very much. =D will any new cryptids be introduced in this book? If so might you tell me? Lol jk. I know you won’t ruin the surprise. But could u give us a brief description of the new book? Like what would be on the back of the book please?

  • Alicia

    Your books are so awesome!!! I’ve read Cryptid Hunters & Tenticles. And I’m so exited for Chupacabra, i cant wait! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Secret fan

    I loved all your books and have been waiting forever for the next book to come out. I just found out it is coming in September and am excited because it is my B-day. I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Catherine

    Hello, Roland.

    I absolutely ADORED Cryptid Hunters. Make it come out on May 1st! EVERYONE in my grade has read Cryptid Hunters and Tentacles and is talking about Chupacabra. Can you please come to Tampa, FL Berkeley Preparatory School? I think you should write a fourth book about Bigfoot, and a fifth book about The Loch Ness Monster. Don’t forget about coming to Berkeley!


    Catherine Touchton

  • Big Fan in Tennessee

    Hey Mr. Smith, how you doing? Anyway, love your series. It’s amazing and I can’t wait for the next one! Hope it comes out soon! THANKS FOR THE AWESOME BOOK SERIES. 😀

  • Asher

    Hi! How many books will be in the CH series? Also do you havE any books you would reccomend for me? i’M 11. Thanks!

    Asher: )