The Edge 16

The International Peace Ascent is the brainchild of billionaire Sebastian Plank: Recruit a global team of young climbers and film an inspiring, world-uniting documentary. The adventure begins when fifteen-year-old Peak Marcello and his mountaineer mother are helicoptered to a remote base camp in the Hindu Kush Mountains on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. When the camp is attacked and his mother taken, Peak has no choice but to track down the perpetrators to try to save her. Fans of the bestselling Peak will be thrilled with this gripping, high-stakes sequel.

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The Edge, by Roland Smith

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16 thoughts on “The Edge

  • Thomas

    Dear Roland Smith,

    The book Peak showed me that anybody can do anything, because it’s about a kid that’s 14 and is climbing skyscrapers illegally then goes and climbs Mount Everest. You already know that because you wrote the book, but this is probably one of my favorite books. I also like that the kids name is Peak. I thought that was pretty cool, because when I was first reading it I thought it was just about the peak of the mountain then I read that people were calling him Peak and about his dad Josh. I thought it was cool that he was climbing with Peak. When I was reading the book there was a lot of stuff about climbing, so I was searching all this stuff, and it was cool for what came up, for example a gamow bag.

    I thought this story can show you what fear is because climbing up that mountain could be really scary depends on the person I guess, I saw this movie called Everest and they said when you are getting close to the top your body is practically dying because of how high you are climbing. I also have a question for you did you ever get into climbing? I just thought I should ask that question since you wrote a book about climbing.

    I don’t think I ever read any other books that you wrote but probably should since I love this book so much. Well I am glad that I could write this later to you hope you read it!



  • Brendan Satchell

    I was wondering if you could come to my school, Rock Creek Elementary over by tanasbourne, part of the beaverton school district. I am asking this here because I am a student and my email doesnt work in the oter post box. Hope you could get back to us!

  • Bo

    Dear Roland Smith, I just finished the book peak as a outside reading novel for English class. This is by far one of the best books I read and I hate to read. Funny huh, this book was so great I forced myself to put it down to finish other school work. I’m so excited to get The Edge to read about Peak again.

  • Charlie

    I liked this book so much. Please make a sequel to The Edge and PEAK about climbing the Matterhorn, or Mt McKinley, or possibly Kilimanjaro using the important characters including Alessia, JR, Jack, Will, Peak’s dad, and Zopa.
    Please consider it would be a great read.

  • Tina Hoisington

    The Edge:

    I loved the way Peak was continually learning new information about his mom. Sometimes we think of parents as being “just” parents. I liked learning his mother’s talents along with Peak.

    The ending: Perfect. I did not see it coming. I always love clever words. 🙂

  • Brandon Derouin

    I enjoyed reading both “Peak” and “The Edge” so please right a third book to put my mind at ease. Both books had me hooked.

  • Austin

    Dear Roland Smith, this was a very well thought out book, and it was amazing to read, the ending was extremely pleasant, and I wish for you to write a third book in the series which includes all the important characters, and they climb one or more of the seven summits, maybe even a little romance between Peak and Alissia. Please take this into consideration, thank you for your time, and have a nice day.

  • Louis Perry

    On the chapter called The Team, what was the website that Peak looked at to see the summits of Everest? If there is a website. Please and thank you.

  • KC Farnsworth

    im in 7th grade west middle school in idaho nampa i wish you could visit. im reading peak i have not even made it through the first part and i already love it.

  • diana lee

    My grandson is reading your books and then he brings them to me–“You’ve got to read this one!”
    Will there be another about Peak?

  • Jamirah

    Hi I’ve currently read two of your books based off Peak Marcello, and I absolutely enjoyed the parts where Peak talked about his family’s past. It would be really good to see about their family’s past we could learn more about characters such as Rolf, Joshua, and Teri, how Joshua wasn’t mellow the time he was with Teri, more about Teri’s accident, how Josh felt about Teri’s pregnancy, Rolf and Josh relationship, etc. I love your books a lot, and look forward to read Ascent.

  • roland

    Hi Jamirah, I’m delighted to hear that you have enjoyed the Peak books. I am busy working on the final book right now as I write this.

  • charles

    i love these books because they are kinda like me i love climbing and i’m really good at and sometimes ill go to far to climb something tall