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stack of booksAs many of you know I have had an amazing time visiting with thousands and thousands of students at schools all across the country. Many of these schools have been repeat visits. A few years ago Marie and I visited schools coast to coast in our motorhome. We are planning another Author Visit Tour March 1st thru May 31st 2016. Since it will again be a driving tour I will be substantially reducing my daily fee, and to make it simple, we’ll be paying all travel expenses. The visit will include up to four one-hour programs, which can be divided between two schools in the same district. Marie is doing the booking and will need a minimum of 3 or more consecutive days in an area. Plans need to be somewhat flexible until we have all of our dates set. We hope to complete the schedule by mid-December.

If you are interested in booking a school visit, fill out the form below for details. Please pass this onto your colleagues on FaceBook, Twitter, etc. This Spring we hope to be driving to your school for a day of inspirational fun!

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    9 thoughts on “Author Visits, March thru May 2016

    • cynthia Baker

      Hi Roland,

      It is Cynthia Baker in San Antonio. Hope you are planning a trip this way! Please let me know what your fee will be. I am a very small private school and our kids would love to see you!

      Cynthia Baker

    • Levi Harris

      I’m 12 years old and from Memorial middle school in Oregon. You probably know ms. Grant, my 5th gradeteacher from Central. please make a visit sometime. could you also ask a producer to make a movie out of Cryptid Hunters, Tentacles, Sasquatch, Chupacabra, and Mutation. Thank you. Please respond

    • Danny Rowe


      I teach for a school district in the Tigard-Tualatin area near Portland. I’d love to have you at our middle school. It may be possible to get other schools involved.

      Please let me know if this is a possibility in the coming year.

      Danny Rowe
      Reading Specialist
      Hazelbrook Middle School

    • Marybeth Raynes

      Hi Roland and Marie!
      We are a middle school in Frankfort, IL, not too far from Portage and Hobart, IN. (Ms. Mast’s comment) We would be interested in being included in any visit you might decide to make here. Let me know what you decide!

    • Bodie Maxon

      I am in 4th grade at Nancy Ryles Elementary School in Beaverton, Oregon and I love your books. Please come visit my school. If enough people ask do you think you can make movies out of Cryptid Hunters and the rest of the series?

    • Candy Campbell

      My soon to be 10 yr old nephew, Ashton is ecstatic the author of his Favorite book, Peak, is coming to his school. So, will u be headed to Riverchase Elementary in Hoover, Al.? Just wanting to get him a copy of that book so he can get an autograph.
      aunt Candy

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